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Preprint publicly available

Guru, A., Seo, C., Post, R.J., Kullakanda, D.S., Schaffer, J.A., and Warden, M.R. Ramping activity in midbrain dopamine neurons signifies the use of a cognitive map. bioRxiv. 2020.5.21, 108886. Preprint.


In preparation

Post, R.J., Goldstein, N., Kruger, K.A., Villari, R., Jaycox, C., ‡Kern, H.C., ‡Skelly, B., ‡Timoney, M., and Betley, J.N. Activity in discrete AgRP projections is additive when costs are imposed on food availability.


Post, R.J., Carty, J.R.E., Goldstein, N., Villari, R., ‡Kellarakos, T., ‡Kern, H.C., ‡Skelly, B., Kindel, M., and Betley, J.N. Ventromedial hypothalamic steroidogenic factor-1 neurons are potentiated by exercise training and underlie improvements in exercise performance.

†Equal contributions; ‡Undergraduate mentee

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